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Interviewing A Legal Personality


Topic: Interviewing A Legal Personality


Name           :
Rosilawati Binti Ahmad  Basir LL.B(Hons) IIUM
Address       :
      House     :
      Office     :

Lot No 1854, Jalan Meru Tambahan,  Batu 7 1/4, Meru, 41050              Klang,Selangor
MESSRS ROSILAWATI, Advocates & Solicitors * Peguambela & Peguamcara
Suite B, No.  01-02, 1st floor, Lot No 1854, Jalan Meru Tambahan, 
Batu 7 1/4, Meru, 41050 Klang,Selangor
Telephone   :
     House     :
     Office     :

6017-6689170/Fax No. 03-33920175

Family background

Parents      :     Teachers
Siblings      :      Eldest daughter out of 7 siblings
Age            :     41 years old
Marital Status: Married with 5 kids

Educational background

Primary School          :           Sek. Kebangsaan Batu Lanchang, Penang
                                                5A in Penilaian Darjah 5
Secondary School      :           Sek Menengah Agama Persekutuan, Labu,Negeri Sembilan
                                                Sijil Rendah Pelajaran: Grade A
                                                SPM : Grade A
                                                Sijil Agama : 4 Thanawi
University                   :           International Islamic University Malaysia
                                                Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) (2rd Class Upper) [Honors]                                                                                                                                      
  Major Course    :      Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Common Law, Criminal Law,    Tort Law, Trust Law, Land Law, Family Law, Succession Law, Company Law, Jurisprudence and Commercial Law.

Work Experience:
1996-               Research Officer: University Science Malaysia
1997-               Temporary Teacher: Sekolah Menengah Perempuan Sri Mutiara, Penang
1999-               Chambering at C.P. Ang & Co. (Advocates & Solicitors) handling  criminal,  accident and contract cases
2000-               Legal Assistant at Lim, Ooi & Partners (Advocates & Solicitors)  handling contract cases
2001-               Legal Assistant at Mokhtar Ngah & Co. (Advocates & Solicitors) handling  criminal, accident and contract cases
2002-               Legal Assistant at  Shui-Tai (Advocates & Solicitors) handling   contract cases
2003-               Partner of Sulaimi, Yassin & Associates (Advocates & Solicitors) handling  criminal, accident and contract cases
2005-2011-      Partners of Sulaimi, Sharmini  & Partners (Advocates & Solicitors) handling  conveyancing matters, criminal, accident and contract cases
2013-               Partner of Messrs Rosilawati (Advocates & Solicitors) handling  conveyancing matters, syariah probate, small estate, properties consultancy and contract cases


1.      Nature of the job.
(a)    Handling  criminal, accident and contract cases.
(b)    Conveyancing matters, syariah probate, small estate, properties consultancy.

2.         What type of cases being handled
(a)    Litigation
(b)   Conveyancing

3.      Opinion regarding legal issues like
a)                  Representing a guilty client
 Client need legal representation to ensure that the judge get a clear picture of the background of the case. Function of a lawyer is to reduce the future punishment, not to negate punishment entirely. This is my stance.

b)                 Do cases win due to its facts or indulgence of a lawyer
            Most of the criminal cases are won due to technical aspects which were not provided to the high expectation of justice.  30% of the litigation cases are won due to indulgence of the lawyer. 70% of them are actually due to its facts factor.

4.      Moments of joy when winning a case due to hardwork.
In the year of 2005 where the accused (who is an innocent)  has been acquitted due to the lack of witness from the prosecution team.

5.      Moments of frustration losing a case
In the year of 2001 when the client was adjudged bankrupt.

6.      Types of client
More than 90% are individuals

7.      Most challenging case that you have handled before.
Contract cases of a non-performing loan between corporate companies that took more than 3 years period to settle.

8.      How long have you been practicing in this field or area of law?
11 years

9.      What qualities do you believe will make you a successful lawyer?
Determination, hard work and long term learning. I do not see myself doing any other thing as a career and thus I put tremendous effort to be good in my job while balancing my time for family.

10. What goals have you set for yourself?
      To settle at least 5 files a day, to get at least 15 new files a month

     How are you planning to achieve them?
By  doing marketing through networking of government services (Land Office, JPN and other agency), bankers and property agents. I also take advantage of modern wonders such as the Internet to expand my domain.

11. What was the most useful criticism you ever received, and whom was it from?
The most useful criticism is from a friend who criticised me for not doing enough time for marketing.

12. How do you market the firm?
      I market the firm by passing my business cards to potential referral clients, lawyers, bankers, developer  and property agents; and by the activities of selling & buying properties. My firm’s presence are also available online.

13. Are the firm's organization and administration systems sound and running smoothly?
      Not yet. There are still many things that should and could be improved to increase efficiency and deliverability.

14. Why do you want to be a lawyer?
I want to be a lawyer to help the more people who are in need of legal advice/service  especially to ease the process of acquiring properties. In fact, it has been my dream to directly help people and give satisfying service in any way that I can.

15. Which of your practice areas interest you and why?
Real estate and probate. The former due to its civil importance and future value. It is conventional wisdom that real estate, as a valuable resource and asset, has tremendous and persistent market value and is here to stay. Real estate should therefore be (if it hasn’t been) one of the forefronts necessities among the population and good for business. The latter, specifically the fara’id, is less known, let alone mastered by average Muslims. Thus, I would step in to assist any of those that need advice and processing in this particular matter.

Aku hanyalah insan biasa, mengharap teguran dari sahabat dan mendamba redha Allah. ~qirmumtaz~ Photobucket

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